AS 1428.1 specifies a  minimum of 30% luminance contrast requirement between the stair nosing and the surrounding substrate colour. This assists pedestrians, especially those with visual impairment, to safely navigate the edge of the step. Safety Stride stair nosing with a correctly specified insert colour facilitate this colour contrast.


Stair nosing ensure stairs meet or exceed the wet/dry requirements for slip resistance on both internal and external stairs as stated in AS4586:2013. Safety Stride stair nosing undergo laboratory testing by an approved Australian laboratory to ensure they meet the classifications set out in the building code of Australia.


Not just a safety product but also a design element - Safety Stride stair nosing add definition to stairs by way of architectural lines and contrasting colours.


Stair nosing protect substrates and floor coverings from wear and chipping, prolonging the their service life.


Did you know that aluminium can be recycled an indefinite number of times? It only takes 5% of the energy to make new aluminium products from scrap material as it does from virgin. Safety Stride can accept any of our own manufactured nosing back at the end of their life for recycling. We have diverted many tonnes of aluminium from landfill over the last 17 years.