How to Order Stair Nosing

Cutting to Size

Dear customer, if you are ordering stair nosing and wish for us to cut them to size, you may enter your sizes in the message box below. Alternatively, you can email your cutting list to

All sizes should be in (mm) i.e. 1m = 1000mm. We offer cutting to size as a free service however, we do ask that you round your total quantity up to the nearest whole number. I.E. a total of 24.3 l/m of product would be entered as 25 in the cart.

Our cutting tolerances are +/-2mm. Please note that the maximum continuous length cannot exceed 3300mm. If you have stairs longer than 3.3m, they will need to be supplied in multiple pieces. 


We drill countersunk holes in all orders as standard (and supply you with the required fixings). If you do not wish for us to drill holes, please state "NO HOLES DRILLED" in the message area below.

Thank you.